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Literature across disciplines sheds light on the impediments to mobility STARs experience.




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The STARs Resource Library includes:
  • Data: Datasets, data tables and charts available to run analyses about STARs.
  • Findings: Studies published by nonprofits, academic institutions and academics with implications for STARs.
  • Perspectives: Policy recommendations, best practices, and case studies with implications for STARs.
  • Tools: Practical resources that help researchers and policymakers to better understand data.

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The STARs Research Directory is a living resource that is continually updated with new data, findings, perspectives and tools. Please fill out the form if you have research to add.

Rules for Posting:
  • Include a link to or upload a PDF of a completed piece of research;
  • Include a short description of your submission, addressing how you think it is relevant to STARs;
  • No promotional, sales based, or publicly inaccessible research will be accepted;
  • No editorialized or opinion-based research will be accepted.

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