Join our research community dedicated to producing research to better understand workers without four-year bachelor’s degrees.

The STARs research community produces scholarship across business and social science disciplines to understand STARs’ skills, experiences, career pathways, jobs and more. With this knowledge, we assist employers, workforce partners and other members of the workforce ecosystem to activate public, private, nonprofit, and social sector resources needed to expand opportunities and promote lasting economic mobility for STARs.

Are you…

  • An academic researcher working on a project with implications for expanding economic opportunity?
  • An analyst studying data to build a more inclusive workforce?
  • A policy or government researcher studying workers without four-year degrees?

Join us. Together, we will create a body of knowledge about STARs that generates focus and investment across the public, social, and private sectors for this overlooked population.


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About Opportunity@Work and the STARs Movement

The STARs Insights Community is one part of a broader STARs movement, launched by Opportunity@Work and its partners. The STARs movement is leveraging actors in the public, private, nonprofit, and social sectors to identify the barriers faced by STARs and the best solutions to address them. Together, we will scale these solutions across the labor market to ensure STARs have more economic opportunity.

Opportunity@Work is a nonprofit with a mission to rewire the U.S. labor market so that all STARs can work, learn, and earn to their full potential. Contact us at

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