The Potential of STARs

As companies seek and develop talent to fill their open roles, they’re overlooking millions of workers who lack a four-year degree but have vital foundational and technical skills gained through work experience and alternative training pathways. These individuals Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs) represent a mostly untapped pool of talent for the American economy. The findings and insights from the STARs research community implications for how employers, workforce partners, and broader ecosystem support STARs through their career journeys. We share these findings and implications on this page.

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The STARs Resource Library includes:
  • Data: Datasets, data tables and charts available to run analyses about STARs.
  • Findings: Studies published by nonprofits, academic institutions and academics with implications for STARs.
  • Perspectives: Policy recommendations, best practices, and case studies with implications for STARs.
  • Tools: Practical resources that help researchers and policymakers to better understand data.

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